Through envisioning, our minds have the potential to formulate and visualize a living reality. Our thoughts are energy that can move molecules within our bodies. Envisioning is a practice used widely among professional athletes to improve performance. Deepak Chopra, MD, wrote of the power of envisioning in Golf for Enlightenment; his premise is that the true game of golf takes place within our minds. To envision our bodies healing in specific, concrete ways is a gift to ourselves.

A beautiful story of envisioning comes from a well-known and successful marathon runner. During the months of training, as she was running long distances, she would envision herself crossing the finish line. She would close her eyes and raise her hands as she pictured this moment. When asked about how she prepared, she replied; “I visualized”. Following is a partial list of what we as cancer patients can envision:

  • Envision NK and T Cells surrounding your cancer cells, keeping them small and safe.
  • Envision your immune system working optimally.
  • Envision the region of the body affected by cancer infused with your body’s inherent healing energy.
  • If you need surgery and an organ needs to be partially altered, envision that body part regenerating. If an organ needs to be removed, envision the surrounding organs and tissues, and your immune system functioning optimally to adapt to this change.

Whether we are facing cancer, ALS, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, Parkinson’s, or beyond, there is always something we as patients can envision.

  • We can envision our nerve cells in our brain regenerating; we can envision the abnormalities in our bodies normalizing and healing.
  • We can envision the vessels leading to our hearts as unblocked and our hearts beating with a healthy rhythm.
  • We can envision our dopamine-releasing neurons as sparkles of light, secreting the perfect levels of this neurotransmitter.

The ways we can envision our bodies healing are unlimited.

  • Turn of the ringers to our phones and ensure all other devices are silenced.
  • Find, or create, a time where we will not be interrupted.
  • Find the most comfortable position to lie or sit, close our eyes, breathe deeply, and affirm; “This is my time to envision.”
  • Allow ourselves time to absorb this state of quiet calm, and allow the healing envisioning of our mind to wash over us.

Further reading on the power of envisioning:

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